Through research done in 2009 we found that most of the Chinese outbound tourists can be placed in one of three target groups:

Young and indepedend

Young and independent

Coco PENG | 21 years old | Graduate

According to the latest research ITB 2009, are young people in Asia more willing to postpone the purchase of a car, than to cancel their travel plans if both can’t be afforded. Nearly 300 million Chinese are aged between 19-35 and account for over 50% of the Chinese outbound travel market. It is important to win this target group as their social status and consumption capability will increased gradually with age. So if you want to become their future choice, you need to make them love your destinations now.

Stylish opinion leaders

Stylish opinion leaders

Ms QIAO | 33 years old | TV producer

This fast growing group in the outbound travel market is part of the new Chinese middle class, which can afford luxurious pleasures in their lives. They are all-expense outbound travelers, but shopping accounts for the biggest part of their travel spending. They are willing to spend generously when being abroad, bringing back goods which might be more expensive or hard to get in China. The average traveler spends USD 1.359 per trip in shops around the world. Astronaut Travel knows their travel priorities and which media to use to reach this interesting client group.

Business minded

Business minded

Mr LI | 47 years old | Manager

This target group consists mainly of affluent middle-aged men, business people and wealthy government officials. Their visits abroad are often linked to commercial purposes, making their journeys a combination of pleasure and seeking business opportunities. Europe is seen as the most interesting destination. Most of them have been aboard before and have a good understanding of countries in the west. Plain advertisements of destinations are not seen as source of information. Astronaut Travel can help you to attract business minded travelers by adjusting your communication accordingly, using the right channels and mixing business interests with pleasure topics, like shopping, gourmet and sport.