Dr Kim Hames, Australia’s Tourism Minister since December 2010, is shifting the focus of Australia’s inbound tourism promotion from the traditional markets of Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia to the new market of China.

“I’m going to concentrate a lot more on China, trying to bring Chinese visitors here,” he says, adding that he is examining what sort of holiday packages and airline arrangements are needed to bring in greater numbers of Chinese visitors.

“I’ve been talking to the Chinese and they want to go and buy diamonds at Argyle, see where the iron ore comes from, so we’re going to look at how we can better promote that industrial tourism as well.”

Dr Hames will visit China in April and May to lobby officials for airlines to come to Western Australia, hoping to capitalise on the new agreement between the governments of both countries to expand by 8000 a week the number of seats on flights between the two countries.

“I’ll be talking to airlines about giving discounted fares from Western Australia if they come to WA first. We’re going to meet those airlines in the near future – specifically going to China just to meet three airlines.”

His pitch? Convenience, for one.

“We’re in the same time zone so people without having to go across time zones can duck down here where there are lots of things to see, as well as a community that’s welcoming and open with fantastic beaches. Or use it as the gateway to the rest of Australia,” Dr Hames says.

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Source: http://au.news.yahoo.com/thewest/a/-/breaking/9037130/tourism-minister-reels-them-in/