The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and three ASEAN partners (China, Japan and South Korea) tourism officials are meeting at Phnom Penh, Cambodia for the ASEAN Tourism Forum (ATF 2011) held from January 15-21. The aim of the forum is to turn ASEAN into an attractive tourism destination and increase the competitiveness of the ASEAN tourism sector in the Asia Pacific region.

The China National Tourism Administration has announced plans to launch a China-ASEAN center by next year. The Administration sees the center as an important platform to exchange cooperation between China and ASEAN countries in the fields of trades, investment, tourism, cultures and others.

China created a website for China-ASEAN center in October 2010 (

Last year, tourism destinations within ASEAN welcomed more than 70 million tourists from all over the world, 10 million of which came from Japan, the Republic Korea and China.

ASEAN is a geo-political and economic organization of 10 Southeast Asian countries: Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. The aims of ASEAN include accelerating the economic growth, social progress and cultural development in the region, and promoting active collaboration and mutual assistance on matters of common interest in the economic, social, cultural, technical, scientific and administrative fields.