Australia has a game plan to attract more Chinese tourists to travel in Queensland – a literal game plan. Australia has tapped into the technology and social networking games that are trendy and popular in China to entice more Chinese travelers to visit Australia. The game would allow the Chinese winner to win a 5 day trip for the family to Australia and in exchange Australian winners will fly to Shanghai to visit the World Expo – it’s a great strategy to promote relations on both ends. Australia has come a long way from being the first Western leisure tourist destination in China since 1999, the numbers each year of Chinese traveling to Australia are increasing, in fact the Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd, has said that China will become “Australia’s number one source market for international visitors in the next few years”. With that in mind, Australia has rolled out their “There’s nothing like Australia” campaign in the month of August, and they’re ready to capture the attention of Chinese everywhere.