Athens, picture source

With Greece’ s economy making the latest headlines,  it’s no surprise that they are looking for ways to shake away the skepticism.  One of its major form of recovery? Launching a new tourism campaign largely aimed at countries that they previously have not explored. It was announced by the Greek Culture and Tourism Minister, Pavlos Geroulanos, that Greece would be launching the campaign,“You in Greece” to attract more travellers to come enjoy all that Greece has to offer – especially in China. Greece is hoping to tap into the excitement that both China and Greece shared with the 2004 and 2008 Olympics and attract more tourists by lowering prices on hotels and restaurants, and guarenteeing to cover the cost of those who are stranded if there are riots. If olives and feta cheese are not enough of a reason to travel to Greece before, then let this campaign be the reason – Oppa!


picture source:  Greek National Tourist Office,