While the lazy sun lingers ever so slightly above the strikingly blue waters, a velvety pink sunset paints the skies as you wiggle your toes on the sun-kissed soft white sand – Welcome to the Boracay Islands of the Philippines. Wish you were relaxing in the sun instead of reading this in your austere and monotonous office? Too bad you’re not Lilyan, a Shanghai native, who bought a boat along with her husband and moved to the Islands in pursuit of relaxation and sun. Both husband and wife were once power players on the Shanghai PR and media scene, but decided to leave it all behind when they vacationed on the islands – and with good reason; Boracay easily rivals the best sand beaches around the world with its sand so refined and white it is often endearingly called “milk powder sand”. Coming from the country that originated Confucianism, this “leaving it all behind” ideal is nearly unheard of in China, but with the rise of new age thinkers such as Lilyan, it is growing to be more and more common and with gleaming waters rivaling the blue skies, it’s easy to see why anyone would leave a concrete jungle for this paradise. Lilyan and her husband now reside in Boracay and offer tours on their boat, Mahal, for a two hour sunset excursion of the island. The island itself offers a variety of nautical adventures, from scuba diving and jet skiing, to sailing and wind surfing. There are now direct flights from Shanghai to Kalibo International Airports which mean just one short three hour flight for Chinese people looking for paradise.

Source: Shanghai Daily, Xinhuanet.com,

picture source: www.visitphilippines.com.cn