Banpo Rainbow Fountain source: Korean Tourist Board

With South Korea’s promotional three year tourism campaign, Chinese people are taking advantage of this opportunity to live out their own epic Korean soap operas (that have risen in popularity with Chinese teens and grandmas alike). In 2010 – 2013, Korea plans to attract worldwide tourism that once took the world by storm, and it’s working like a charm for their Chinese neighbors. Korea has reported a 30% increase in tourism thus far in 2010 in comparison to 2009, and a whopping 70% increase in the month of May alone. Charm Lee, President of the Korean Tourist Organization, has even said that tourists from China could likely reach 3 million this year – that’s a lot of kimchi that will be dished out to the Chinese. To prepare for this three year event, Korea has made free pamphlets and booklets on traveling in the country. Lee also reassures that traveling in Korea is no longer difficult for foreigners as most Koreans now speak English, and many road signs are in both English and Chinese. It’s a comforting strategy to entice more Chinese tourists, and by the looks of it, this campaign is effectively reaping its rewards with the increasing number of Chinese tourists en route to Korea.

Source: Shanghai Daily,

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